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Process Tamer and Svchost

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Coming back..

After a normal boot SVCHOST loads Microsoft Update and it begins readings in disk taking all the CPU for 1-2 minutes. PT "tells" me that SVCHOST level was lowered but unfortunately it didn't get results. Any ideas?

unfortunately it didn't get results
--- End quote ---
Do you mean to say that it didn't change the priority, or that it changed the priority but it didn't really help your system performance?

I mean it changed priority but with no visible results.

If it's doing heavy disk I/O, changing it's priority won't help that much.

Sounds like something is wrong with your system anyway, you shouldn't have that heavy disk activity for that long at startup. Do you have any heavy antivirus package? Do you have antivirus at all? Is your disk in DMA or PIO mode?

Hello again

I have only for 1-2 minutes this heavy burden on CPU while Microsoft Update is reading in disk. If this is usuall I don't know.
I have an antivirus but it is very light.
To what relates to disk it is in DMA mode.

I think this has to do with what is installed by Microsoft mainly related with OS copy validation ( windows genuine validation(?)). But this is my opinion. I'm not an expert.


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