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Windows Passwords

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Hello all stations ;
                           For the life of me I can not remember where Windows XP stores site passwords. Also, is there Software to use to store the passwords  ??
                                                                                                   Stan :-[

Try "Protected Storage Passview".

You can use this tool to export passwords.

Sometimes I use it just for fun... Users are usally deeply shocked if all their passwords suddenly appear.  ;D

To clear this data, you can use the Internet Options of Internet Explorer. Somewhere there're buttons to clear History, saved Autoform data and passwords. Or you can use a tool for doing such tasks. My favorite is CCleaner (CrapCleaner):

Our very own f0dder made a nice little application that's good for storing private information.

fSekrit is the one. Just don't forget your password to unlock your passwords!

I also came upon a little program some time ago that will reveal a password underneath those asterisks. It was on one of those big lists of freeware, so I snagged it in case I ever needed it, but I've never had to use it yet. Although now that I think about it, I remember a time or two forgetting my FTP passwords and wishing I would have remembered to use it.

Anyway, it's a small little thing called Revelation which can be found at

From the looks of it, he has a donation link on his site, too.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think fSekrit is meant to be a password manager. There're other tools, like Keepass or PINs.

Relevation is pretty nice. I've used it myself, but it's old and got no update since 2000. And it can't handle password fields introduced in Win XP (dots instead of asterisk). So, I'm using SIW ( It's showing system information, but in the tools menu there's an entry called "Eureka!". This will start a password revealer(just like Relevation) which is sometimes able to uncover "dot" fields... Wish it would work always. :(

i agree with wr975, fsekrit is a great tool for encrypted notes, but there are much better tools for managing various passwords.
Keepass and AI Roboform get continual praise on this forum, for good reason.


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