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GS-Calc 20.7 50% discount [ 5/15/2024 - 5/17/2024 ]


A spreadsheet with unique capabilities for processing big data sets. You can edit large CSV files with millions of rows, XLSX files that are automatically split and merged, build complex data models e.g. with millions of look-up formulas that are opened/updated almost instantly and clean, transform, publish multi-gigabyte data sets.

* 32 million rows x 16,384 columns - the number of worksheets and subfolders is unlimited. No limit for the file size (4GB+). Large text, CSV files exceeding the 32M/16K limits are automatically split into multiple sheets and saved (then load/read/edited) together in one zip.

* Up to 500GB of data per worksheet.

* Pivot tables with 256 million rows and numerous data functions (e.g. 2x more than in Excel).

* Monte Carlo Simulations to easily estimate risk in business, costs, future pensions or simply to reverse-calculate formulas etc.

* Charts easily handling millions of data points.

* Fastest lookup functions using binary algorithms.

* Up to 64 cores used when updating worksheets and pivot tables.

* Around 450 built-in functions, solver functions with no strict limits of variables.

* All functions can access data from any number of closed workbooks.

* All functions can be redefined/rewritten by a user, and you can add any number of new functions (having the same properties as the built-in ones: automatic full multicore calculation support, "spilling"/array usage etc.).

One-time fee payment ($19.50), no subscriptions. Free new versions for 12 months. GS-Calc can be installed on any portable storage device and used without performing any registry modifications. No internet connection needed. Not tied to your hardware.

Sample videos:

* Using a 2.37GB workbook with i5, 16GB RAM & HDD: 32 million formulas and 300 million random number/text cells.
* Using the FILTER() function to filter 3.3 million rows.
* Creating a script in GS-Calc to mass-import tables from CSV/text/xBase/xlsx files
* Using MonteCarlo simulations to find sets of 100 numbers that add up to a give value.
* MonteCarlo simulations in GS-Calc to find linear programming solutions.
* 12 million fast binary VLOOKUP's in GS-Calc.
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Discount code:  dc39f21    [ 5/15/2024 - 5/17/2024 ]


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