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Bad key

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are you guys making sure you are downloading the key for the right program?

feel free to email me ([email protected]) with the key that doesn't work.  and tell me what the error is it gives.

Failed save license Key?  Cry

Hi, I got a error message as below after I paste the new License key. What shall I do?

ERROR   (sorry, Correction )
" Failed to save license key information. \r\nPle check to see if you have permission to write to  application directory.  Failed to open keyfile 'E:\Files\ScreenshotCaptor\\DonationCoder_Sc "

hi iceball,
i'm here to help.  you can email me at [email protected] and i can try to help more, but if you are using something like Windows Xp or Vista, try running Screenshot Captor as an administrator while you put in the license key, so that it can save it inside it's directory.  after that you should be able to change where it saves its settings and run it as non-administrator.


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