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Should I increase avatar size? Poll.

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should i increase avatar max size?
i was considering 130x65 instead of 65x65..
any other web site / forum design suggestions welcome

I kind of like the small, unobtrusive avatars here. Perhaps 80x80 to make the images clearer, but 135 sounds a bit large to me :up:.

Well, I'm used to the 105x150 avatars used in another forum, but the layout is much larger over there and can handle that size.  You couldn't go much bigger than what you have now without stretching the tables.  If you were going to go larger, I would suggest portrait-style dimensions, e.g. 65x130.  That'd work better for me anyway.

65 x 65 looks right for the rest of the page's format. I'd keep it as is.


What you have going now looks pretty good to me.  I'd leave it for now.


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