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Synchronization software with tree view, moved files detection and size ignore

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Hi forum,

I am looking for a synchronization tool with the above-mentioned features.

I would love to use FreeFileSync due to its unparalleled and simple user interface and incredible speed. Unfortunately, FreeFileSync does not allow to ignore file size when comparing files. GoodSync is also excellent, but does not allow ignoring file size either.

I have also tried Syncovery and Bestsync. With both, however, the user interface is unfortunately off-putting, and many features of FreeFileSync are missing.

So I'd be grateful for tips for synchronization tools that are as similar as possible to FreeFileSync, at the same time having all features mentioned in the subject.



Please don't take offense that this is a crosspost with Stack Exchange. I will notify each end if anything happens on the other.

 Ignoring may be because of file compression that does not change the content.
Ans this compression occur at various levels?

Hello David, there is this:

If you need more elaborate file exclusion, it can be worked via .ffs_batch file, like:

--- ---<Exclude>
<Item>\System Volume Information\</Item>
So, a tiny script/utility can be coded to exclude further complex filtering into the ffs batch.


Ok, that sounds awesome. Will try asap.

Edit: otoh, this seems to be a filter, not a comparison criterion, so I believe this would not ignore the file size when checking whether two files are identical.

In other words, I need a comparison mode where files with the same name and date but different size are considered identical, and renames/moves are identified via database, for example.

I need a comparison mode where files with the same name and date but different size are considered identical
-David.P (October 07, 2023, 07:11 AM)
--- End quote ---
That's rather weird, as those files can't be identical... and probably the reason no comparison tool will accept that condition :huh:


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