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N.A.N.Y 2024: Colorful (Sticky) Notes


NANY 2024 Entry Information
Application Name Colorful Notes Version Short Description A simple Sticky Notes application. Supported OSes Windows 10/11 Download Link System Requirements.NET Framework 4.7.2
Author Grumpy Coder


* It's a simple "Sticky Notes" application. It was inspired by my very own Painted Glass. 

* You can add up to 20 notes, and each note can store up to 280 characters.
* Everything is saved in a portable database file (*.ldb), so you can back it up easily.
* You can change the notes colors using the context menu.
* All notes can be moved using the icon.
Planned Features

* Nothing as of yet, but I'm open to suggestions.

* Download, unzip, and install.
Using the Application

* Create a note, give it a title, and enter whatever you want in its body. Everything is saved automatically.
* You'll find an icon () for the application in the system tray, which is used to close it as well as delete ALL notes if needed.
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N.A.N.Y 2024: Colorful (Sticky) Notes


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