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My favorite software! What's yours?

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Fine tool it must be, this Registry Manager, well, almost perfect, I guess. I mean, why update a perfect program?... Or are there any other reason there has been no updates since August 2006...??

Curt: RootKit Hook Analyzer requires a bit of knowledge not to panic :) - a bunch of programs hook kernel functions, since they really need to do that in order to work properly. Too bad you can only see the last hooking program, since hooks can be layered. There isn't really any reliable way to determine multiple levels of hooks, though.

Thanks for explaining, f0dder.

I didn't panic, though..  8)
- in fact, I have so far chosen to do nothing.

Another one of my FREE favourites was updated today, and for this one it is not something to happen too often:

Release notes for Startup Delayer v2.3 build 125 
 Item Description

* 1  Fix items getting removed when upgrading from old version with 0 delay

* 2 Added complete support for loading languages

* 3 Add Option to allow showing of Application Location Icons instead of Application Icons

* 4 Fix Uninstall Issue where the Uninstall never completes

* 5 Fix Bug where Add was editing due to modified Language files

* 6 Add ability to change the colours on the Time Chart

* 7 Fix Some commandline options not being recognised. All should now be recognised.

* 8 Fix for second run time error 52  

--- End quote ---

Nice update ;)


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