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My favorite software! What's yours?

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Open Target Shell extension -
Daemon tools Right Click shell ext - Same link as above-Earthcoder (March 24, 2007, 11:34 AM)
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Welcome to DC, EarthCoder!  :-*

Right now I tried to install ArniWORX awxEditHook_035b124, but a pop-up said that the installation could not be fulfilled because MFC70.DLL wasn't found. Now, where should MFC70.DLL come from - if you know, please?
I did install awxTarget without any problems.

Ive never tried the Edithook one,  Only ever used opentarget and Dtools one

There is loads of shells Here:
maybe you can find what your looking for there.

I also found this DLL specialist:

Let me throw out a big shout for netlimiter as well, as mentioned above by earthcoder. This is a great app for people who share their home pc with ANYONE that loves to download/upload and lets you limit an apps throughput so they dont saturate the bandwidth of the pipe.

My favorite software:

* Beyond Compare
* UltraEdit-32
* Archivarius 3000
* Servant Salamander 2.5
* The Bat!
* Roboform
* TaskInfo
* SnagIt
* WebSite-Watcher
* Total Uninstall
* WinRAR
* Xmanager 2.0
* MPEG Video Wizard DVD
* Acronis True Image



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