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My favorite software! What's yours?

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I just about crapped my pants when I installed this just now.
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-Darwin (March 22, 2007, 10:34 PM)
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well... TaskSwitchXP did mess up my XP, so I removed it, and the problem was gone.

How did it mess up XP?

How did it mess up XP?
-cthorpe (March 23, 2007, 09:36 AM)
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When I tried to delete a setup file in Programs, TaskSwith kept asking if I really wanted it to close. This was right after installation of both, before any first restart.

You know, I havnt really done alot since I installed taskswitch, so I will have to see if I have that problem on my computer when I get home.

Find and Run Robot
ClipTray - Middle mouse button Brings up Clipboard menu with all my clips with savable clips
Xfire - Chat client
Logitech G15 keyboard Apps - Notepad, Stats, Etc
Fraps - Record game vids
AuctionSieve - Ebay Search tool
Open Target Shell extension -
Daemon tools Right Click shell ext - Same link as above
SongBird - Mp3 player
Transfz - Like Clipboard tool, but More extras, Used to change text into Lower or Higher cased.
Netvibes - Not a Util just a Portal style RSS and Email start page for Inet -
Netlimiter - used for stats to see how much i download per day or month, to work out if im gonna hit cap or get arrested :P
KompoZer - Webpage Editor
DigiGuide - TV Guide
TreeSize Professional
CDisplay - Comic Book reader
Ultramon - 2 screen tool
RocketDock - Applemac style Menu
Advanced File Organizer - Used to sort cd's and harddrive places, But looking for a freeware version.
Stickies - Post it notes on desktop Stickies 6.0b
Logmein - remote desktop support

I use alot of tools, on diff machines, but list above are my faves

Edit forgot to add - GMAILDRIVE - very handy for transfer of data


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