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My favorite software! What's yours?

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Although it doesn't do the same tasks, Autoruns was updated this past week to run in Vista.

Ooh, great list!  Let me list mine, maybe I'll learn of some related/better tools. (I'm a tool junkie).

- FARR, obviously
- Directory Opus - Explorer replacement, file management
- Notemap2 or Brainstorm - outliners
- PowerPro - swiss army knife, sort of
- Vim and/or Emacs - programmer's editors
- Zoom player - video player
- Faststone Image Viewer - image viewer
- safarp - uninstaller for Windows

- Super Flexible File Synchronizer - file synch
- Picasa2 - photo org
- ExamDiff - file comparison, esp text
- NOD32 AV - anti-virus
- Comodo Personal Firewall - firewall
- Opera - browser
- AutoHotKey - global key binder/scripter
- Console2 - dosbox/cmd replacement

Here are my favorites:

> XYplorer (
> The Bat (
> Treepad (
> IrfanView
> Calendarscope (
> Jetico Firewall, BestCrypt (
> MailbagAssistant (
> BootIt NG, Image for Windows (
> Bookmark Buddy (
> ShortCut (, I think the homepage is only in German but the program is also in English)
> PC-Adressz (, only for the German speaking guys here)
> TrafficMonitor, SuperSpamKiller (,, only for the German speaking guys here)

I used a lot of space to tell you that a earlier version of Startup Delayer didn't work for me, so I really should tell that the present version, build 130, is working without any errors at all.


Xion Player from the same company was updated today, and a great audio player it is becomming.

Xion Audio Player version 1.0 build 94 has been released!

With 150+ fixes, changes and optimizations including lower CPU and Memory usage, don't hesitate to download now! There are plenty of new features for skinners with more changes to come!

You can download this release from the product page:

or from the Official Xion Audio Player website:

Release Notes for this build can be found here: here-r2
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Integrates nicely with FARR - just add your RoboForm directory to FARR and you can launch automatic logins directly - a massive timesaver at work where there are passwords for almost every system.  :Thmbsup:
-BrokenNails (July 02, 2007, 12:00 AM)
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I added the place my passcards are stored, and when I type donationcoder in and click the rpn file it launches RF as if i wanted to EDIT the passcard. Is that they way you meant, or is it possible to have FARR launch the site and RF login with the passcard?


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