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My favorite software! What's yours?

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Nice update ;) -Nxqd3051990 (July 13, 2007, 11:16 AM)
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- no, it wasn't!!  :mad:

Several problems was introduce to my pc with this update!
I have written the support and asked for a link to the old version.  :down:

huh ??
You got problem, can you tell us  :Thmbsup:
Still wait

[Sorry for my bad english]

Curt, what problem with Startup Delayer? I've just updated and there was just one issue with the "Adobe Speed Launcher" link, but exactly the same I experienced with the previous build. Otherwise the update is quite nice (the customizable colors and especially the buttons in advanced mode that don't change theirs location anymore).

The mentioned link file is quite cryptic to me, if anybody wants to analyze it, I can send both the modified (non-functional) and original (restored from backup) versions to analyze. If anyone else comes across this issue--the solution is to restore the link (it's in the Startup group of All Users) from some backup and it works again.

Anyway, if you want the previous build of Startup Delayer, I can post it somewhere for you.

My problems with the Startup Delayer update began at first reboot: one program had disappeared (and didn't start); one entry said the program was missing (but started all the same), and one entry said the program was all right, but didn't start. At PC shutdown there were all sorts of problems with programs not shutting down and popping up boxes to be clicked. Of course some of this may be due to the fact that anothe prorgram was installed at the same time, but I have removed that program and re-installed two others, and still the shutdown procedure is unstable.

yksyks; wow! - yes, please! I would very much like you to mail the file to (now deleted)

Thanks a lot!  :up:

One favorite that I tried but couldn't afford to buy was Registrar from the same company, Resplendence because is was €45. But during this July there is a 30% rebate. You really should think about it; I was sad I didn't have the money back then, but now it just may be affordable:
-Curt (July 05, 2007, 10:41 AM)
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I almost overlooked this post. Thanks Curt. I have been hesitant to purchase this because of the price. This discount was enough to get me to buy it.


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