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Add alias to the context menu


Hi, Mouser. I enjoy greatly your software after all these years. Recently I've started using QuickLook, app in windows that allows me to see a preview of a file by just pressing <Space> in my keyboard. While I would love to add a hotkey like {Ctrl + [0-9]} or space, I've added the following alias to farr to use it in the search list but I do wonder if there's a way to integrate it in the context menu?
Regex: ^(.*)\sql$
Results: C:\Users\ertwr\AppData\Local\Programs\QuickLook\QuickLook.exe "$$1"

Thanks in advance

Yes FindAndRunRobot is still a great piece of software - thank you mouser!  :)

Not a built in solution but this AutoHotkey script lets you set a hotkey and should work at least when the result is just a filepath. To also handle results with more complex syntax more code steps would be needed.

--- ---#Requires AutoHotkey v2
;press ctrl+q to QuickLook on first or selected FARR result
#HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe FindAndRunRobot.exe")
    ;if searchbox is active navigate to first result
    if "TNextGrid1" != ControlGetClassNN(ControlGetFocus("A"))
    if "TNextGrid1" != ControlGetClassNN(ControlGetFocus("A"))
    ;ctrl+C puts focused FARR result's path on clipboard
    A_Clipboard := ""
    if A_Clipboard && FileExist(A_Clipboard)
        Run('"C:\Users\ertwr\AppData\Local\Programs\QuickLook\QuickLook.exe" "' A_Clipboard '"')

Dear @Nod5,

Thank you for sharing your script. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I had previously created something similar, but was hesitant to add more scripts to my Windows startup folder or, even worse, to start and close them manually. I noticed that FARR has a scripts folder and was wondering if it could be used to automatically launch a script when FARR starts and close it when FARR is closed. For now, the closest solution to what I am looking for is adding QuickLook to the toolbar, which I dislike because it requires the use of a mouse. However, at least I do not have to manually close, autostart or launch anything.

Best regards,


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