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NANY 2024: Database Designer


NANY 2024 Entry Information
Application Name Database Designer Version 1.1.0 Short Description Visual database designer for SQLite and MySQLSupported OSes Windows and Linux Web Page Download Link

Database Designer is an intuitive app designed to simplify data structuring. It provides a GUI-based editor for easy construction and editing of database contents, including labels, fields, and checkboxes. It's perfect for beginners and those seeking a straightforward way to create and manage digital databases. With its minimalist design and simple options, Database Designer makes creating your first database a breeze.

This version emphasizes the user-friendly interface, the GUI-based editor, and the simplicity of creating and managing databases, which are key features and advantages of the Database Designer app.

Planned Features
Using MySQL and PostgreSQL for the database backends


Just run the program, no need for installation

This is actually the first announced NANY 2024 entry (not 2023) :D

Version 1.1.0 is now released:

* New: select only Database Designer files in Open dialog
* New: MySQL support
* New: can name the table
* New: prompted when table exists in the MySQL database
* Fixed: bug when deleting text in the Name or Text fields
* Fixed: issue with pictures resizing when closing the Editor and reopening the file
* Fixed: bug when creating a SQLite database
* Fixed: clearing out the name of an object will reset it back to the original name
* Changed: updated the alphanumeric check for database and table names
* Changed: updated the way the MySQL connections are made
* Updated: handle boolean (checkboxes) properly for MySQL

1.2.0 released - now with font styling

* Note:
* Changed: preference file save location on Linux
* Changed: can't select the buttons on the main screen
* Changed: moved the mode popup to the left
* Updated: Getting Started guide
* New: font styling of text
* New: source code download document
* New: the new inspector is copied over the old one
* Fixed: database type was not saved


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