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nkDot - Configurable random dot in Graphics Window (v0.1.0)



Configurable random dot in Graphics Window.

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[*] @ (Mouser's site, recommended! :up:)
[*] @ GitHub tag[/list]

Made for: nkormanik

Original thread: Single Dot in Graphics Window

Source code: nkDot @ GitHub

Targets Microsoft .NET framework v4.5


* Dot color.
* Dot size.
* Dot redraw interval.
* Running time.
* Background color.
* Location.
* Size.
* Maximized.
* Always on top.
Day #141, Week #20 @ May 21, 2023


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[*]Jesse Reichler (A.K.A. Mouser from
[*]Max P.
[*]Kathryn S.
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Thanks & keep on rocking! 👍

Vic!, totally unreal.  Works perfectly!

Thank you so much, Vic!  You are quite the craftsman.


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