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Create Song Playlist

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Most of us have large repositories of music.

Assume all music is contained in one folder, and sub-folders within that main folder.

I'd like to find a small simple program that can randomly select a number of songs, and send the list to a player program, my preferred is AIMP.

Ideally user should be able to type in a name to look for.  But if no name provided, just include all the files in the folder as potentials.

For instance:  Elton John

Then the number of randomly selected songs to come up with.

For instance: 50

That is, less than or equal to.  There might be only a few Elton John songs.

Then, where to send the created song list.

For instance:  AIMP

An alternative idea would be to copy the songs to another folder.  For instance, if all the songs are on an external USB drive, those songs can be copied to, say, local drive C:  And then played.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.

Such a program may already exist, but I haven't found it.

Although, I sort of remember that PowerShell might be able to do this.


Nicholas Kormanik

An alternative idea would be to copy the songs to another folder.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.
-nkormanik (May 17, 2023, 02:46 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hi Nick,

No need to copy files, I know how to do it. I've worked with both .m3u/m3u8 and file search.

If nobody comes-up with something as I finish your previous program, I'm totally in for "nkPlaylist" :)

(I am actively devoted to the coding spree!)


You the man, Vic!

Found a program that's close to what I asked for.

Best to just cancel the request.

But thanks all.

And there is always our own Skwire, he created sPlaylistMaker, some time ago, that most likely does what you require.


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