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Sweet! Direct Folders 3.0 released :)

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mja, thanks for the hint.

Just dl'd FileBox eXtender and while somehow limited in its functionality (from what I can see at first glance), it seems to work reliably.

And while it looks similar, it doesn't share the nasty habit I encountered with the bundled tools from PowerDesk and ExplorerPlus: those would, in case you chose a folder from the drop-down menu that had been renamed in the meantime, immediately dump all the stuff to be saved in the very first folder shown in the save box (especially "nice" if it's a save from Opera with dozens of small files at once, grrr). I had that happen quite often, therefore I removed them. In that case, FileBox eXtender shows an error message.

BTW: I haven't yet seen a "dialog extender" utility for Windows that would do what once was a favorite functionality of "Default Folder" for me on my Macs: You could click on any open folder in the background and the dialog box would open exactly that folder to save/open.
Does anyone know such a thing for Windows?

Well, now that I've written it, I discovered that FileBox eXtender does exactly (switching to the directory you clicked in the background; under XP) what I described; something they didn't advertise somewhere.
Though not when you click at the desktop in the back (doesn't matter, there's a "places" icon for that) and it seems to work only with admin rights (you always seem to end up in the users profile dir otherwise).

It even works with DOpus (nice), but not with Total Commander.

Enough to let me look like an idiot. Never mind.

I bought direct folders some time ago. Great except for task manager regularly showing it to be using 90-95% cpu for a minute or two at a time.
Requiring me to terminate direct folders to be able to continue working.
Ive downloaded v3 and get the same behaviour. Tried 2ce to get support from the developer to no avail, so direct folders is not on my list of triffic software.

There is a good reason why FileBox Extender is now freeware...unfortunately, it's being retired...this is probably the last version there will ever be.  :(

After a great deal of development work we have sadly concluded that it is not practical to adapt FileBox eXtender to work under Window Vista – the architecture is simply too different. By way of apology to customers who were hoping for an upgrade path we are offering anyone who purchased a license for Filebox eXtender after Dec. 31, 2005 a choice of a license swap for another of our products (either for yourself or as a gift for a friend), or a refund of your purchase price. To claim, simply email us a copy of your license key, together with your full name, company name (if any), email and postal address at the time of your purchase.

FileBox eXtenderâ„¢ - keep favorite folders at your fingertips - free software for everyone, for Windows XP and older (not supported under Vista)
--- End quote ---

Someone asked me yesterday if there was a program that would set any window he wanted as always on top. I remembered one, but didn't know what the name of it was, so I did a google search and checked whatever I could find for the familiar screenshot I was looking for. It turned out to be FileBox Extender.

I don't remember why I never tried this program before. I wish I did. I figured I'd download it and install it and give it a try...and I am LOVING it!

My only regret is not installing it sooner.

alxwz, thank you for telling about that background switching option. This is really great. :Thmbsup:

I informed Jeff, the author of DirectFolder about this and he just e-mailed me that he has implemented this ClickSwitch feature among a few other changes. Version 3.1 is ready to download and the history file says clickswitch works with Explorer and TotalCommander.


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