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Sweet! Direct Folders 3.0 released :)

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The one I liked best among the tools listed here,, Direct Folders, the one I wanted to buy and the one whose author I emailed, asking if he was still actively developing the tool because I wouldn't want to spend money on dead software, the best dialog extender I've ever tried, personally, has been updated to v3.0! That's awesome! For months now, I've been holding back on installing apps of this type just because I really liked Direct Folders but did not want to use it unless I knew that it was still in development. You can imagine that learning that it was just updated solved all my problems :)

Just installed! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

This also marks my first post here in a while. I've missed you all :(

And Code Sector are offering 50% off all their products, including Direct Folders 3, for ONE DAY ONLY... TODAY!


This post prompted me to look at the file box extenders review again and I when I went to the FileBox eXtender website the product has now been made freeware:

I thought everyone would be interested in knowing this. I installed it on my system (there's a newer version available) and it works really well and seems to have pretty much the same feature set as Direct Folders.

 Thanks mja
I use My Folders because it has icons next to the shortcuts.
The disadvantage is that it doesn't have recently used files.

Also there are ahk programs that give this functionality (free).

mja, thanks for the heads up, that is very big news that filebox extender went freeware!!
It's one of the best dialog extenders and there's no excuse now for anyone to be without one of these tools.


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