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GS-Base 18.5 50%off for 24h


GS-Base - a database with spreadsheet functions and up to 256 million rows.
Pivot tables (with the same max number of rows), around 300 functions in calculated fields. Filtering (regex), searching for duplicates, for unique values, search-as-you-type, full-text searches, fuzzy searches and so on. GS-Base uses up to 100 processor cores to perform field and pivot table calculations.
Opening an over 0.5GB csv text file with 20 columns and around 3.5 million rows can take several seconds on a low end pc. Loading about 12GB MySql *.sql file with over 10 million records and Long Text (Memo) fields can take around 2 minutes. Filling a field in a 150 million record set with some 1...n sequence will take a few seconds. Same as filtering a field using regular expressions. 150 million records with four text field containing up to several characters each with calculated fields and formulas can use around 15GB of RAM.

dcode2e08  | 50% off [for 24 hours]

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In short, recommended.


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