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4 more suggestions for v2


First of all, FARR is one of the most usefull applications I use.  Probably as good as StrokeIt, which is in a class by itself.  It has completly changed how I use my computer.

I have three suggestions after lots of FARR use: 

1.  Option to run as high priority.  Often my computer is bogged down and running FARR as high priority helps a great deal.  I have been setting the priority manually via the task Manager.

2.  Once launched force focus to remain on FARR.  Often times FARR will drop behind another window after I load it, and all my keystokes end up somewhere else.  Don't know if this is possible, but it would sure be nice.

3.  The ability to search and switch to running applications.  In other words, use FARR as a task switcher.  This is somewhat at odds with how FARR currently works, but I think eventually FARR should have a pluggable interface that would allow searching almost anything on your computer, as long as someone writes the plugin.  For example, as a task switcher, perhaps once FARR is loaded, you hit the space bar, causing it to only search running tasks.  If you think about it, there are numerous keys that could switch the database FARR uses, such as the backspace key (on an empty line), backslash, etc.

Ideally it would be terrific if we could write custom search plugins directly to FARR.  Part of what makes FARR so great is the interface and how integrated it is.

4.  Another suggestion is a launch counter.  Too see how many times a file is launched.  There are a lot of statistics freaks out there and that would sure be satisfying.

Regardless of whether these ideas are run with, I will continue to use FARR.  It is just too usefull!


Hi Michael!
Welcome to DC ;)

Well... Most of your suggestions are already being thought for FARR V2, which (hopefully), will be in the works. (let's all pray to the all-mighty mouser ;) )

1: it might be a good idea to have an option for that, i also find farr THE most useful program i have.
2: It's already there! ;) Look under: "options-> interface -> Focus preservation" and select "always maintain focus".
3: it's one of the features most mentioned for farr v2
4: i think this might be related to having the more launched apps having more score, right? If so, it's yet another planed feature of V2 :D


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