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hi all,
i discovered LabelControl in the post/review on mouseless browsing.

I am just starting to explore and understand and wonder whether there's any place where instructions for modifying/extending the settings can be found. any practical instructions?

thanks for any help,

is there really nobody coming by this forum (let alone replying)?

to give an example of what i am looking for:
*can* one edit the Labelcontrol settings? how does one edit them for instance so that *toolbar*  items will be labeled (reachable via keyboard) on apps where menu bar items (those reachable via ALT+) are labeled, but nothing else (in my case: Foxmail)? what is "move the mouse" supposed to do?

thanks for any assistance for really using this potentially wonderful little program!!

skrommel seems to be on a little vacation recently, but i suspect he'll be back soon so just give him a little time.

thanks for your reply, mouser!
no problem, now that i know..
much looking forward to further news!

Hi Chrisk,

did you ever get a reply? I am looking to get more stuff "interactivated" with LabelControl. I tried a few of the window controls on Microsoft's MSDN, but I must have the wrong codes or something, 'cause it didn't make any difference...




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