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Flatten Folder by KodeZwerg - v0.0.0.8 released

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Inspired by Vic's excellent tool, I reprogrammed my own variant of such a tool, just for fun not for competition.

All files will be moved into root of selected folder.
All folders inside of selected folder will be deleted.

This is a one way ticket, no way back (!!)
(means, no undo capability)

SendTo does not have the capability to seperate files and folders.
Context works strictly only on folders.

Extract archive anywhere
Run .exe with Administrative Rights (if you are logged on with an Admin Account, running as Admin is not required)
Press [Install]
From now on you have a "KZ - Flatten Folder" context menu entry when you right click on a folder.
If you not want it anymore, repeat above steps and press [Uninstall] plus delete the .exe file.
This tool is not created to run on folders that are protected by Windows OS (exemplary \Program Files\ )
When my app is done it show you some information.

Any 64bit Windows Operating System, no special runtime needed. (Vista+)

When a file with same name is already in root folder, it will be slightly renamed
file.ext -> file (1).ext
file.ext -> file (2).ext

if you try to run my app on Windows protected folders it may crash.

None, you do all on your own risk.

Snapshots to show what awaits you:
This is how the installation looks like
Flatten Folder by KodeZwerg - v0.0.0.8 released
That's the context menu entry my app will create when you clicked [Install]

And exemplary here you see how a result could look like

Enjoy, its free.  :-*

Inspired by Vic's excellent tool, I reprogrammed my own variant of such a tool, just for fun not for competition.
-KodeZwerg (February 20, 2023, 07:59 PM)
--- End quote ---

Most excellent dear KZ, the more releases for the community, the merrier!  :-*

It enhances users' choices, which can only be a good thing in our open world 🌎

Thanks for devoting the time to do yours :Thmbsup:

Thanks for your sweet words, how nice of you  :-*
BTW my logic error on those 2 other pretty similar tools that I've released lately I just found out by creating this, so thanks for inspiration again  :Thmbsup:

I've updated my version for even more faster speed by not collecting files from root folder anymore.
Also changed my internal workflow to do a two-in-one thing, right after moving files the folder will be deleted.
(in my first release everything was splitted up into folders and files that was processed)
I guess I've reached now the maximum whats possible with pure Windows-API technology and logic.
Added also version information, now I am at v0.0.0.3

Micro-updated the final dialog, v0.0.0.4

New version uploaded that fix a file renaming bug, or better, it fix filenames now better (and to do, it works for some milliseconds slower)
Now files that already had in subfolders something like "file (1).ext" will not renamed to "file (1)(1).ext" anymore, they will get a correct "free" number inside the last ().
On the other hand, if you having a file like "file (2023).ext", that would be first of all tried to be renamed to "file.ext" and if that is not free it start with "(1)" etc.
So some files that having at last position a number in () might get renamed incorrect.

I would like to hear your opinions about if I should for example
- pop up a [yes/no] dialog to let user decide what to do (what can be a lot, depending on number of files with (number) at end of filename)
- add .ini feature to include it as option (for automated but configurable per session runnings)
- let app like it now is and risk a loose of, for example an added year that was written in ()

v0.0.0.6 released
- Installation menu offers now more to modify


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