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It's all about DC's software


Hi guys, just wanted to extend a word of appreciation to Jesse/Mouser for keeping the flame of the DonationCoder community alive  :Thmbsup:

When browsing other software users' communities, the first thing you realize is the lack of custom in-house releases, being mostly talks about software made elsewhere.

This community is special, in here users enjoy having a stack of programmers creating new releases, including custom-made in-house releases for members in the community. This provides something very unique!

Also, a little bit less talked about is the portal. Worthy of a place of honor on its own

So, thank you Jesse for the incredible stamina shown throughout the years & for providing a platform/opportunity for all the fellow Donation coders+users to enjoy.

Keep up the good work @ Jesse / DC fellows  :-*

It's appreciated a big lot.

Indeed. Mouser has shaped this place into something special. Thanks very much for nearly 20 years of association with the wonderful folks and wonderful software on DC!


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