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Twitter harakiri‘d. All was gone.

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I mean, I gave Elon Musk the benefit of the doubt when he bought Twitter and everyone started screaming.

Time to start screaming myself.

I wish it would only be a software and not an important part of who I have become.

I deleted my account when he lost his privacy and security execs. It wasn't much of a loss for me, though, considering my main social media usage has been on Mokum for quite a number of years, now.

I had never even heard of Mokum before - thank you. :)

Most of us on there are Friendfeed refugees that needed a place to call home (that wasn't Facebook), after Facebook killed off Friendfeed. It's also a decent substitute for Medium, supporting similar style long form articles (Texts), formatted with markdown.

Feature-wise, it's a bit like if Twitter, Facebook, and Medium were whipped up together in a blender, but without any of the stupid corporate BS or drama. It was built by a fellow Friendfeed refugee who fully understood what it was that we all really wanted.

It has an API, if you want to roll your own tools and apps that can work with it, or you can use this guide and example to import your activities from your other social networks and websites, with IFTTT.

It has groups, but they aren't listed anywhere officially, and you can't search for them, which is why I created this group to catalog the English speaking ones. Between this and the Firehose, they would be your best options for finding people to follow.

Or you could follow me, or at the very least hit up my subscriptions list, which has most of the English speakers on Mokum.

Time to start screaming myself.
-Tuxman (January 20, 2023, 09:26 PM)
--- End quote ---

I was never interested in social media, but I had a Twitter account for a short while.  I just didn't 'get' it, and only wanted to follow three things, two of which I lost interest in.  Then Twitter pestered me to follow more people, so I closed it.

I'm very wary of what now calls itself 'Meta' for its creepy surveillance practices and the way it awards itself free usage of anything you post.  I did, however, want to follow some local artists, and they were all on Instagram.  Hence I inched closer to getting an Instagram presence, only to find several articles raging about Instagram's sudden aping of TikTok, spamming you with auto-playing videos instead of things you actually want to follow. Exit Instagram.

In another part of the wood, I really liked using Simplenote to transfer text items between Android devices and the PC.  I used Glance Note on Android (at one point, recommended by wraith808) and CintaNotes on the PC, both of which keep data in local databases.  But now Simplenote have gone like Twitter in dropping the API and banning third-party applications, which would mean sticking to their own apps - apparently their PC app is a huge Electron thing - and worse, keeping my data solely in their cloud.  Well, I want access to it even if I don't have an Internet connection.  The latest iteration of their Android app includes "Simplenote Sustainer.  Help support the ongoing development of Simplenote with an annual subscription."  We know that keeping things forever free is a hard ask, but I'd have preferred them to make it payware or even donationware from the beginning, and retain third-party API access.

The moral seems to be beware big tech companies offering "free" goodies.  As for Twitter, Mastodon looks set to gain.


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