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Show us your (physical) desktop

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Four monitors, whoa :o :o :o

There's a big problem with your workspace though, mouser - you've got virtually no arm resting place with that desk. Oh, and if that's an air conditioner to the left, it's probably not the smartest place to place the desk, easy to catch a cold if you sit near one of those things for longer periods.

Well, at least I have the consolation that my monitor is 80 pixels taller than mouser setup. And the desk has less dust as well :P

Errr, no, only the dust :(

cool. looks like nasa control centre.

I think a really cool wallpaper would be a nice scene with cody on a road.
cody would start out at the very far left side of the road with sun rising in the morning and would gradually make his way to the right hand side of the screen at the end of the day as the sun goes down.  :)

Still, please get a desk with proper armrest.

And a picture of all four monitors running a The Matrix screensaver.


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