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Show us your (physical) desktop

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It's interesting to see that some of you have very poor arm support! - ideally you should be able to rest your forearm on your table while typing, to avoid too much strain. I know it certainly matters to me, with all those hours I spend (or at least, used to spend) in front of the computer :-[
-f0dder (September 19, 2006, 04:21 AM)
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re typing
I read somewhere the best way is to hold the wrists higher than the keyboard (for which you'ld need the elbows at least as high or higher) so that the wrists arent bent much - especially not upwards. Dont know if thats the case ..
I dont type that much but am using the keyboard constantly for shortcuts and the mouse with other hand so I do end up leaning on edge of desk - from experience i can tell you that's not so good!

We've got a few gymballs at work, pretty nice to use now and then, but I generally prefer a chair so I can sit relaxed & comfy. But changing between chair, gymball and standing up is pretty nice at work...

Yeah the chair I have also sucks. However My bed is right in behind it so if I have to lay down I can. (I have to force myself to sit (with no back on the chair) other wise I will loose what muscal mass I have in my back).

I would like to have a lazy boy for a chair, however then I would never want to walk, and once you loose the ability to walk and have to re learn it sucks!!! :( :down: :down:

I could though if I had the money (donations are being accepted) for new montiors 42" HD. I could use them.

For some odd reasons I run out of desktop quick.

going back in time a bit:
my chair is horrible, and i've been on the hunt for a proper chair for a while, but haven't found an acceptable one in my price range.
-mouser (September 19, 2006, 05:04 AM)
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I was using a gymnastic ball there for a while
I'm going to go back to it when I get a floor ring for under it to stop it rolling  ;D

you sit really straight (its very good for your back)
cheap  :) (I was looking at @ chair/stool for €400 & it was talking about its advantages over a gymball which got me thinking - apart from preffering to have a holiday to a €400 stool)
you actually get to exercise while you sit - (it can almost be a bit of a strain at the beginning ..)
-tomos (October 10, 2006, 06:21 PM)
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You are not supposed to use a ring to keep it from rolling. Proper posture will keep the ball in place, as it should.

Another pro:

You can't fall asleep at your pc...or you end up on the floor really quick.   ;D

and as far as a cover, you can buy a large piece of stretch terry from a fabric store and tie it around the ball, matching opposite corners on a diagonal...that should work. Just make sure you put the knots to the side and not the bottom where the ball touches the floor...or where you sit.

My daughter used one of those huge balls you can win at a carnival as a desk chair for about 3 years, till it finally deflated. She could get away with that because she's like a feather...under 100 lbs. And it was all pink & swirly looking...matched her room quite nicely.

Well... I just got a major upgrade to my (physical) desktop and i thought i should post at least one image here!

Show us your (physical) desktop

Now i won't complain about lack of screen real-estate again :) (hopefully ;) )


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