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Show us your (physical) desktop

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Couldn't find a similar thread with the search feature, nor the first five pages of topics here in Living Room, so I decided to make a new thread. Here goes! :) (oh, theres's another thread alright, but not about physical desktop).

Show us your (physical) desktop
Two 17" TFTs running 1280x1024 - an acer al1722 and an al1715. The thing in the back is a

Ti-83 calculator, 18-in-1 card reader and 3-port USB hub, 80gig seagate, icybox usb2/firewire enclosure with 120gig disk, K750i cellphone ontop of a VIM "cheat sheet", a box of CD-Rs and a box of DVD-Rs.

On top of the workstation to the left is a (defunct :( ) netgear wlan access point, and ontop of the testbox on thje right is a ZyXEL ADSL modem/router and an 8port 100mbit switch.

Show us your (physical) desktop
The machines... ASUS A8N SLI Premium (for stability & passively cooled chipset, not for SLI), AMD64x2 4400/2.21GHz, 4x512MB Corsair ram, Plextor PX-716A DVD burner, liteon SHD-16P1S DVD reader, 2x160gb maxtor sata in raid/mirror + a 80gig maxtor ide for "scratch" use, GeForce6600/256 PCI-e.

The test-machine is a [email protected] with 64 megs of ram, usually a voodoo3 PCI (but atm "whatever" I had lying around), Intel eepro 100 (with flashable rom!), a promise fasttrack tx133 to support large drives, and two drive bays. Machine is pretty defunct at the moment, though :(

fun! :)  :up:
more please!

f0dder, i think you are procrastinating about something if you have time to make this kind of post.

here's the list of what i'm using


Show us your (physical) desktop


The old one...on a set of 2 drawer filing cabinets, with a table top ironing board across an open drawer. ( works pretty good as a desk)


Show us your (physical) desktop


And this is where I live.  :)

My annotated workspace:

Show us your (physical) desktop


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