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short papers for


Steven Avery:
Making some short Bible related papers to place on and to make available on forums.  Usually I write on my forum, but that is not quasi-academic style.

And I like Atlantis word processor, right now I am inquiring about quote boxes and paragraph formatting.  It does look like it has areas like footnoting built in nicely.

An alternative is PDF. I have Soda PDF Desktop 10 and getting PDF XChange Viewer for another reason.  I don't mind paying a bit for the best Editor that does not take me into Acrobat land.

I think my basic question is .. Word Processor or PDF maker.
And which tool?


I think my basic question is .. Word Processor or PDF maker.
And which tool?
-Steven Avery (November 26, 2022, 09:38 PM)
--- End quote ---
I'm struggling to think why you would consider writing in a PDF maker rather than a word processor.
Academia takes a wide range of document formats.
The primary question is which program suits you best for writing. Formatting for upload to Academia is surely a secondary consideration.
I've switched longform writing to Word. Google Docs is another option, as is Libre etc.

Personally, I'd write short academic articles in Tangent Notes because I'd be using the wikilinks as part of the process. Then probably import to Word for formatting and save as PDF. But Academia has many options, and I'd just do this because it fits best with my usual process, and I prefer PDF as a published format. I've a number of PDF editors, some expensive, but would never consider doing the initial writing in any of them.


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