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any shit browsers I can use?

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Is there an Internet browser (Windows 10 x64 desktop) that I can use to enter an elderly site that apparently has been abandoned, so it no longer has what it normally takes? The site used to be acceptable some years ago, and now I want to visit it again, but I am prevented by my various browsers. Of course the site may have been invaded by wicked people,,, but my security programs are reasonable, and I am willing to check it, even though the situation reminds me of an medieval map showing the ocean next to Norway - the text in the waters said "here be dragons"...

If you are security conscious....why not try to open that site using a text-based browser, like Linx. That way you can see if the site has been compromised or not. And as it is a text-based browser, javascript infections are not too big of a deal. And those are obscure and limited enough that other forms of infections are also hardly any problem.

When you think the site is still safe enough to use, go to a website like and look for any older version of FireFox/Chrome/Opera, download and run whichever one tickles you to visit that URL again.

If there are no old enough versions available, send me a PM and a location where I can dump an old portable version. Think I still have FF from 2015, Chrome from 2018, IE 6.0 (eolas) from 2006, which is a portable version of IE and if you really need to go old school, I can provide you with a portable version of Phoenix 0.5 from 2003.

The Phoenix browser was renamed to Firefox many moons ago. Still, they are available in my pack-rat software archive, if you need them.

Did you try Wayback Machine with ? If the site is abandoned and not updated for some time all its content is perhaps accessible that way.

Try using Lunascape which is a browser that contains 3 rendering engines (Trident, Gecko, Webkit). I've used it for old sites where newer browsers fear to tread due to the cipher suites. Having a non-IE Trident browser is also convenient.

Stoic Joker:
Edge has an open in IE mode option that should work


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