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combine two png images


Hello, I wonder if ScreenShot Captor can do this:
- I have two .png images with transparent background.
- I want to generate an image where I have image 1 put over image 2 and generate a combination

This is interesting for puting an image over another as background.
for example a signature over a logo .
Thanks for your ideas.

In Screenshot Captor you can bring up an image and then drag another image on top of it -- which will bring up some choices from SC asking you how you want to "combine" them.  One option is to add the dropped image as a "resizable" object on top.
Give it a try and let me know if it does what you want.

Good. This woks fine.
I wonder why I didn't try this before making the question  ;)
I am till very much confused by the "blend mode" options
I am trying to understand them making tests but it is not clear for me.
looking into the help option to find more info.

By the way, thank you very much for the very fast answer  :up: :up:

I wonder why I didn't try this before making the question
--- End quote ---
Well it's a bit of a hidden function -- I really should add a menu item that will also do it, so at least people can find the function in the menus.
The blend mode stuff is weird.


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