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A problem with mouse and context menus


Don Cody:
I started setting up LaunchBar Commander which I used to use some time ago, but then I changed to something else.

I'm facing an irritating problem with my mouse and the program context menu. It can be looked at from three different aspects as follows:

On a dock bar that's located on the desktop the right click context menu appears but then disappears before I have a chance to select any item on it. After many trials I found that a solution is to right click for the menu and immediately move the mouse cursor away from it. Then I may move it on the menu and make a selection. It seems to me that moving the cursor immediately on the menu makes it disappear.

On a dock bar that is docked on the side of the desktop the above solution doesn't work. The context menu disappears when I move the cursor on it.

In the tray area of the Taskbar the context menu behaves as the second case above. That is, it disappears when I move the cursor on it.

If instead of moving the mouse cursor on the context menu I use the keyboard arrow keys, the context menu does not disappear and I can make a choice using the keyboard.

Based on my testing so far which is not very extensive, I think that the problem is restricted to the program context menu.

I'm running Windows 11 version 22H2.

Don Cody:
The problem that I described has gone. I found the answer by looking at another topic that I started about Snapshot Captor, here.


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