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NANY 2023 - FindEx by KodeZwerg


I was in need for a small tool that meet this requirement:
- search for specific filemask
- begin at a base folder
- a mentioned folder must be present
  (in my case, i needed to search whole drive for "Documents" folder, that can be on many places and not just for current User)

So I build this tool what fit all above, FindEx was born :)
Extended it a little here and there.

Now I present it to you, maybe you also having a need for such.

At start my app fill in 3 edit fields the things that i needed and to show how it should be used.
The left Edit represent a Base folder
*The middle Edit represent a folder that must exists
The right Edit represent a filemask

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

*to clarify, you can leave that field empty, but when you do enter there something, only results including that path will be shown, if that foldername does not exist, nothing will be shown.


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