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LATEST SHOW: "Do It Tomorrow - An Interview With Mark Forster" - Oct 22, 2006

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i admit, i signed up at today just so that i could vote - but hey, i'm a super motivated kinda guy that's getting everything done.

what's the excuse for the rest of the DC GTD participants that don't digg?

I signed up too, but never received my activation email (not in spam folder, either).  I asked for another one (after I checked that the address was correct), which they said they would send right away.  Still waiting.  Anyone else have this problem?

Okay.  All fixed.  I contacted them and they have manually activated my account (with their apologies).  Done.

i never received their sign-up email when i used a hotmail account - all spam filters are off so it wouldn't have been deleted by accident. but it did work using a gmail account.

please ignore my above grumblings, just due to lack of sleep and cold tea.  :-*
now let's get on with our fun here.  :Thmbsup:


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