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LATEST SHOW: "Do It Tomorrow - An Interview With Mark Forster" - Oct 22, 2006

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Podcast #6 - "Do It Tomorrow - An Interview With Mark Forster"
October 22nd
Interview by Jose Quesada (urlwolf)


Podcast #5 - "Getting Things Done - An Interview With David Allen, Parts 1+2"
Produced by Marcus Codling (Mukestar) [JavaJones - voice talent]

Part 1 - September 15th, 2006 - 29 minutes
Part 2 - September 23th, 2006 - 14 minutes

Just finished listening to the David Allen podcast.  Very dynamic and informative.  Great job on the interview, and fantastic editing by mukestar (you too, javajones, for your smooth intro :D).  Credits coming (although not nearly as much as you deserve :-*).

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LATEST SHOW: "Do It Tomorrow - An Interview With Mark Forster" - Oct 22, 2006
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congratulations to mouser on doing the interview with DA. and many thanks to Mukestar and JavaJones for work on the podcast.

i'm looking forward to hearing part 2 next week.

not to bring anyone down, but after all the work involved on something that seems so much of a amazing thing for us to get, when i visit the digg pages and see 7 diggs i feel depressed... it's ok i'll get over it in the morning, but i just don't get it.. do we not even have 10 people on this forum who think this is worth telling a friend about or rating it as a good thing :(


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