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IDEA: move files to defined folders

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I don't know about all of you but I have a habit of downloading lots of files to my documents then moving them to different folders depending on the extension.

I'm looking for some easy way to automatically place files into different folders depending on the file extension, I realise I could do this with a batch file but it would be a bit of a pain to easily maintain/change the file to move the files.

Anyone fancy making something or knows of anything that would easily do this.

how about using a download manager like flashget, it can download files to different folders base on extensions.

I knew someone out there was going to suggest something like that :)

I use opera and haven't found a download manager that integrates easily with it yet (or I should probably say that operas support for download managers is rubbish)

I'm just looking for something thats going to quickly tidy up the contents of a folder with one click or automatically that I can schedule to run one a day (or week).

Try this : Works pretty well when I played around with it. Unfortunately, it's no longer being developed. It's now abandoned ware. So try the link at

Freeware Orphans, The Lost Freeware
"Log Monitor
Version: 1.4.2
Release date: 07/25/2002
Author: Vadim Dumbravanu
Home Page:
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Download size: 596 kB
Log Monitor is a files and directories monitoring tool. The program periodically checks selected file's modification time and executes external program if file's time was changed or not changed. For directories it handles such events as files change, addition or removal.
- Several files can be monitored simultaneously, each file has its own interval and is processing in the separate thread.
- List of files stores in the configuration file.
- Minimizes to System Tray.
- There is ability to pause monitoring of selected files. "Paused" state can be stored in the configuration file.
- Works on the schedule, can check files and directories only during selected time interval and days of week.
- Ability to pass changed/added file(s) information to the external program via parameters."

ahh, found one:

Intelligent Copier
 Intelligent Copier is an automatic file mover and copier. It offers a window that you can drag files onto, and will then copy or move them based on your settings. For example, you could choose to move all .mp3 files into the C:Music folder or copy any .doc file into your My Documents folder etc. In addition, you can automatically skip a file that is older than an existing one or to overwrite existing files. Intelligent Copier runs in the system tray and can log all actions for later reference. Free for personal use.

you can try one of this Backup Tools, a lot of them have schedule and can also move files.


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