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Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle Leftovers


I've recently become a fan of Fanatical's frequent Build Your Own Bundles which often start at $1 per game but go down in price from there the more you add to your bundle. Most of the games in the bundles are the kind of games that I probably wouldn't look at twice at their normal price, but for $1 or less I've found a few gems I've enjoyed playing.

Anyway, I also keep seeing their Mystery Bundles which are, as the name suggests, mystery "grab bags" where you don't know what you're getting until you've already paid for them. They're also priced starting at $1 but cheaper per game the more you add to the bundle. I'm generally pretty risk-averse and don't like the idea of gambling, so I wasn't too keen on it, but I guess I fell for it anyway. I decided to make a purchase of 10 games for $7 to see the general quality of games I could be getting from their Mystery Bundles.

The results:

* 4 games that look somewhat interesting to me
* 1 of which was in Early Access and then "released" in an incomplete state when the developer had a family crisis and couldn't continue working on the game.
* 6 games I have no interest in
* 1 of which I think a family member might enjoy, so I'm holding the key in reserve until I hear back from them
* 1 of which I already own (probably from a Humble Bundle) which I've never played (because I'm not really interested)
That's 4 games I'm keeping for myself, 1 game that might potentially go to a family member, and 5 6 games I have keys for that I will never use. 4 out of 10 isn't too bad, I suppose, but really there was only one game that I immediately thought, "Ooh! That looks interesting. I'll keep that!" All the others were more like, "I guess that might be worth trying..." In short: I won't be buying a Mystery Bundle again.

So if any long-time member of the forum would like any of these games, I'm willing to DM the Steam key to you.

* Alien Breed 3: Descent
* My Little Prince - a Jigsaw Puzzle Tale
* Peaky Blinders: Mastermind
* Silver Chains
* They Bleed Pixels
And if anyone is curious about the ones I kept:

* Dark Devotion
* Island Farmer - Jigsaw Puzzle
* Neverinth
* Party Hard

If no-one has requested it, can I request Allen Breed 3, please?

If no-one has requested it, can I request Allen Breed 3, please?
-4wd (September 10, 2022, 04:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

PM incoming.

I just heard back from my family member, who wasn't interested in the offerings. So now My Little Prince - a Jigsaw Puzzle Tale is also up for grabs if any long-time member of DC is interested.


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