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LaunchBar Commander - Windows 11 - Dependencies


Being a fan of the old Quick Launch Bar for instant access, also after market Free Launch Bar, and True Launch bar. It looks like when I finally succumb to Windows 11 I will loose the facilities they provide due to their dependencies being removed. So am trying to plan ahead.

LaunchBar Commander looks like a candidate for the role going forward, as it runs separate from the taskbar.

Does LaunchBar Commander still work in 11, is it independent?

Can it automatically be themed with existing windows settings, i.e. match the current taskbar colours and opacity if they still exist?



LaunchBarCommander should work fine on windows 11.
It uses it's own theme system, so you'll have to play with it and try to find a theme close to what you want.

Great News. Thank you.

Saves spending a few days configuring it to replace Quick Launch, only to have it obsoleted by W11.

Once the new monitor arrives I can see what a 3.5ft Launch Bar looks like, or if it might be better as a number of smaller ones with slightly different backgrounds. :)


I can verify that LaunchBar Commander works in Windows 11, and helps make up for the absolute mess Microsoft has made of the taskbar.


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