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Any Twitch users here?

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Wondering if anyone else has issues with accessing their accounts?

I'm an occasional user, but find that my accounts somehow 'disappear'?

I currently have 2 (!) but can't access either of them - they've changed their log in process, ie it used to be email but now its user name and I have no idea what I used and none of the things I try seem to work.

Even their password/account reset process fails to respond to a valid email address.

Am I alone in this?  I really don't want to have to create a new account every.damn.time I want to watch a random vid

I only access it via the android app -- haven't had any trouble there (also only a very occasional user)

I've had an account for several years, I think before Amazon bought it out. Only occasionally use it. But it's always just been username and password for me. Same account still works.

Haven't had any problems either.


dunno what I've done but apparently this is personal  :mad:



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