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Overstepping the invalid certicate

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Hello everyone.
I no longer follow this website because its certificate is no longer valid for my browser. I'm here out of curiosity after I overstepped the block that my browser signaled to me.
Who is the new "owner" of this website? What do I risk staying here?


Hmm... I'm not sure what you're talking about. Nothing has changed. Mouser still owns this website. My browser says the certificate is valid and the connection is secure.

It sounds to me like the issue is with your browser. Have you updated it lately? Or perhaps tried with a different browser?

What browser (and version) are you using?

I am a dinosaur: I still use Windows XP and Maxthon 5.
I perfectly realize that the trouble depends on my system. I only want to know if I am under risk.

I only want to know if I am under risk.
-Giampy (August 09, 2022, 02:03 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yes. But not from this site. If you're using an old OS and old browser that are not receiving security updates, then you are at risk.


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