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I use xnews - it's fast, works both for online and offline reading.
-iphigenie (February 16, 2007, 08:45 AM)
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From Xnews online manual:

It has pseudo offline features such as header storage, but if you need true off-line capabilities, use Agent, Gravity, or something else.

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Offline reading???

it works for my kind of offline reading - what it won't do is keep copies of all the messages you read, it tends to dynamically retrieve messages, then lose them when you close the program, unless you tell the system to specifically save/archive them. Now i tend to want to read only a few messages and keep even less, so it suits me. I dont want to keep a copy of every message i ever read, only a few for reference.

So it works that way:

1) get headers. disconnect
2) select messages to retrieve. go get them.
3) archive messages which you want to keep so they get stored permanently

But as they say, it is not a true off line capability, but it works for my needs.

But as they say, it is not a true off line capability, but it works for my needs.
-iphigenie (September 21, 2007, 05:32 AM)
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Thanks, iphigenie, that makes sense - some POP3 clients work that way too (e.g Popcorn)

The archive function moves the articles you have chosen to a different area -an archive folder- although it will remember where the post came from and keep the threading if you archive multiple messages from a thread. You can also still "reply" to them etc. You can organise them in multiple folders and for example set a folder per group, per server etc. etc.

I can't remember whether the topic in the newsgroup window itself is tagged so you know you archived it or not.

The whole program is nowhere near as slick as some of the commercial newsreaders. It is unashamedly the work of someone who probably grew up using XRN or similar tools and wants that same kind of news browsing experience.

I have uninstalled GNU Emacs this week - the last thing I did with it was browsing the Usenet.

I was briefly considering to try the Forté Agent, but the free/open source XanaNews is more than enough for me.  :-* Granted, I don't use binary newsgroups, so if you misuse the Usenet as a filesharing software, it might not fit everyone's needs...


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