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Newsreader programs

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Thanks Z, I just tried out Newsleecher, and it is pretty cool.  I don't think I can commit to it because it has no ability for reading posts (unless I'm missing something).  But it seems great for binaries.  I will try Xnews next (is it me, or does Xnews look exactly like Agent?!).

KenR, thanks for the info on Agent.  You know what I realized?  I hadn't purged for probably over a year!  As soon as I did, my Agent was lighting fast.

I also want to try Newsbin Pro in more depth now.  There seems to be something drawing me to it's klunky interface.

Ugh...Newsbin has barely any post reading ability.  Dang, I was enjoying the quirky interface, too.  Looks like Agent is the perfect balance for me so far.  Next up...Xnews!

Xnews is pretty nice!  It definitely does have good post reading capabilities.  Can't say that I like the whole Windows 3.1 modular approach to the interface.  Reminds me of Pegasus email (which I used for years until switching to The Bat this year, thanks to DC).

I like the slew of options in XNews, looks extremely customizable.  And I like the statistical feedback you get from the program.  The interface though is a little downer.  Man, everything about this program reminds me of Pegasus's free, it's really good for a free program, lots of options, quirky interface.  Deja vu!

I either use Google Reader or Flock's integrated news reader.

Google Reader Screenshot: Newsreader programs
in Flock it looks like so: Newsreader programs

I use xnews - it's fast, works both for online and offline reading.

Mostly i like the little touches - being able to configure things per newsgroup (from smtp setting to a different sig), for example - even though for many of those you need to dig in the config files.


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