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Section's Opening post


Hello there!
Welcome to the new section here at, The "What's the Best" section. 
This section was LuckMan212's idea, posted on this thread.
After a few changes, it is now presented to you guys in it's final format:

The basic concept of this section is to give a better organization with the already existant (and quite frequent) discussions about types of software applications.
Probably it has already happened to you stumbling upon one thread about a matter that you have much interest in, but there are so many links, reviews and opinions that you can't decipher anything and get completely lost in so much information.
Well.. This section is the solution for that problem (at least, i hope so ;) ).
In this section, there will be some threads about software classes. These threads will have discussion about what's the best application for the job.
The first post, made by the moderator, will contain links for other discussions in the forum about that app class, a list of the apps mentioned, links for those apps, and a very brief description of each one.
The challenge here, for the moderators, is to keep the first post updated, but the major challenge here, is for the members, because they are the ones who post new information, and this section will be as good as the more detailed those posts are.
So, my proposition to you, is that when someone ads one new software to the list, that someone posts a tiny-mini-review, with a small description and at least one screenshot of the app, to make it easier for everyone to find that perfect app for the job ;)

I hope this section is of your liking, and I wait in expectation for your comments on this new concept.
By the way, this section is now officially open, and I we can now open a new thread with a app class. So, I'm open for suggestions.

What do you think the next thread should be about?

Nice, good luck with the section! :)

I'd like to have one discussion focus on "Light-weight tools to find files on your HD", like Locate (read I'm not talking about complete desktop search utilities (which I also use), just a replacement for Windows' search function.

thanks for agreeing to help this section get going, and thanks to luckman212, hopefully he will agree to help mod this section.
i think this section is a fantastic way for people to quickly locate the relevant posts on the forum relating to the search for the best tool for a given task.

i'd like to suggest some threads with links to some of the existing reviews and minireviews.

ie, "what's the best tray tool", "what's the best adressbooks", "whats the best text editor"

and just start out by pointing to the existing threads on in the mini review section.. would help people locate the reviews of interest to them.

"what's the best tray tool", "what's the best adressbooks", "whats the best text editor"-mouser (February 18, 2006, 01:56 PM)
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Yep, those are already on the list, those threads got lost of posts and this might help people to locate stuff about it.
And it will be a good way for people to get the whole idea of the section ;)

thanks to luckman212, hopefully he will agree to help mod this section.
-mouser (February 18, 2006, 01:56 PM)
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Of course, luckman212 was the original "thinker" who gave the idea, i think it's be nice of him to help in this too. Are you up to it, luckman? :D

sorry guys, I was away for a few days... just catching up on emails/posts etc.   Yes I would be happy to help out of course!


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