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[Screencast] How to join #donationcoder IRC channel


I've created a 4:44 minute screencast in flash format that shows

1) Downloading mIRC
2) Installing it
3) Setting up mIRC
4) Connecting to Efnet
5) and finally joining DonationCoder's IRC channel.

File size: ~ 7 MB

It has helpful bubbles but no audio.

Click on the screenshot below to launch it:

Let me know if anyone wants it in zipped format.

wonderful! i'm going to blog this to tour page (, it makes a perfect partner to the tutorial on connecting via the web chat function  :Thmbsup:

ps. having a bit of trouble loading it here, seems to get stuck while downloading?  might just be my connection.

mouser: seems to be the right place for this thread.

mouser: seems to be the right place for this thread.
-sri (September 14, 2006, 10:21 PM)
--- End quote ---

Good job, sri, and thanks for taking the time to make this screencast :)

While it's of great help for IRC users, I have some doubts about it going to the site official screencasts page.  ;)

1. IMHO, simple plain Internet Explorer should be the default browser for our screencasts rather than a customized Firefox with a lota buttons and toolbars, which I believe many viewers may find it confusing.

2. I don't think a lot of ppl out there use FlashGet as their default downloader

3. Dunno what is Xplorer, what it is for, and why I'd be using it to manage my files, etc.

4. Most users launch programs from "Start -> All programs", not Xplorer.

5. I don't have an "S" drive and don't think many ppl will be able to successfully install mIRC into "S:\mIRC" and run it.

6. It'd great if accompanied by voice instuctions since it might be hard for IRC newbies to catch the details of every step in this fast-paced screencast.

7. Google Talk chat pop-up during the show could be distractive to the viewer in some cases, also the flashing Azureus client in the tray area.

Just a thought   8)

- Anderson

All very valid points Andy, will keep in mind for my next screencast.


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