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Random M.2 SSD Disconnects

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Sounds like it's thermally unstable.

Fwiw, I have the following NVMe M.2 drives in different computers and never had a problem:

Corsair P1 500GB
Kingston A2000 500GB (2 of)
Samsung PM981 256GB (OEM early version of the 980)
Timetec 1TB (I think these are SK Hynix own brand)

Hmm... I thought I had written a follow up response before, saying that 4wd's theory sounded likely to me, and reporting that I had actually shipped it off to be replaced via RMA.

Anyway, I got a replacement SSD through the warranty process today. I've got it back in the Sabrent USB 3.2 Tool-free enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe and SATA SSDs, and though I haven't done much with it yet, I've copied over about 75 GB worth of data just to test it out and it has done so without disconnecting or any other errors. So it looks like this is a good one.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and for getting me to look into the RMA process. :Thmbsup:



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