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store learnt vocabulary in windows 10?


i don't want to use microsoft apps as they're painful to use, slower extremely, resources hungry. so i'm thinking of indpendent software. here is use case scenario-:

1) i enter a word say "donation". there in right hand side, i can type its meaning.

2) i am nepali so it's preferable if unicode pasting is allowed.

3) there should be a search engine to search the world.

4) it should be possible to create backups/cloud backup of the vocabulary words.

that's all.

recommend some software.

I'm 6 months too late but SnapDB probably would have been perfect for this. Around page 6 of the post, there is a screenshot from me using for this exact purpose, but for Hindi words.

Although I don't recall it having a search engine, unless search the world was maybe a typo for search the word, in which case it does have that definitely.


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