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Error downloading web page


I usually use the UrlSnooper to get media links on the web.
It's a very convenient tool.

Since last week, the UrlSnooper has been not valid for some sites.
Like "".
The system message shows "Error downloading web page".
But I'm sure the UrlSnooper worked well on that website before.

Then I tried another website "".
It works normally and gets the correct media link.

Take any URL for test, it's high probability occurs "Error downloading web page".

Please help me to solve this problem, thanks.

Could somebody try those two links and tell me the results that your snooper works good or not ?


I want to save the video from the website.
But it can't direct download by right-click.
So I need the URLSnooper to find out the link address of the video then use other tools to download.



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