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The End of the Atom Editor

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Oh, and it just occurred to me that Microsoft bought GitHub a while back, so I guess it would make sense that they'd kill Atom in favor of VS Code.
-Deozaan (June 09, 2022, 03:27 AM)
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In this case, I don't think it's in favor of. Atom stopped getting updates before that deal IIRC.
-wraith808 (June 09, 2022, 07:40 PM)
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Right. I think I meant it more like instead of reviving/continuing development of Atom, they killed it off in favor of further developing/supporting VS Code, which AFAIK had already made Atom redundant long ago.

In my search for an AsciiDoc editor at the time, Atom was one of the candidates. I really didn't like it from the get-go. Was the 'Brackets' text editor not based on Atom? That one had a better interface for editing AsciiDoc, but I got tired of that one after a few hours of editing.

But I use mainly Notepad++ for most of my text editing, a far distant second editor for me is VSCode, quickly followed by AsciiDocFX. Lately I'm far more busy with databases and use the text editor that comes with the management software for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra. And as I am using Linux more and more at home: Notepadqq, which looks and feels a lot like Notepad++ on Windows and MCEdit (part of Midnight Commander, an essential tool for any version of Linux).

There was a while where I used Sublime text editor. Very capable, but Notepad++ is just a tad faster and you can create your own syntax highlighter with it. Something I used for a scripting language that we created for the European energy market.

Finally, everyone can wholeheartedly migrate to Acme.

If you want VSCode without proprietary Microsoft stuff + telemetry, you can get VSCodium:

This is not a fork. This is a repository of scripts to automatically build Microsoft's vscode repository into freely-licensed binaries with a community-driven default configuration.
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Here's a short overview by GameFromScratch:

Someone had to fork Atom…

Required for building:
C++, Python and Node.js.

The 21st century terrifies me.


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