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Looking for Volume Booster

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When I stream audio, it seems to lose part of its volume and we can't always hear what is being said, even if the computer speakers are turned all the way up (system sounds at that volume level will hurt the ears, though).

So, I've been toying with a volume booster app, but I've only found ones that are for trial to shareware.

Anyone have a volume booster program for free that they actually like?

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Free ones I am not aware of.

But you are not alone in being unable to always hear what is said. And the last few years that has been a problem, which is mainly caused by audio mixing in Hollywood and improper mapping of audio. For instance, a movie is recorded with Dolby Atmos equipment. Then it gets packaged into a file for distribution to your system. And you are not playing this file with Dolby Atmos equipment, but something much simpler.

It can then happen that all the audio is getting mixed wrong in your setup, because of improper mapping of audio channels to play the Atmos content properly over a stereo setup. Against that a volume booster will not be nearly as helpful as you expect it to be.
Just used Dolby Atmos as an example, there are more technologies that do similar things. Unfortunately this is also not limited to audio, but applies to HDR video content as well. Especially if that content is watched on tv/monitor/beamer that does not natively supports those technologies.

Shades, I beg to differ, please about the volume booster not doing what I expect.

I did try out one of them on its 14 day trial, and it really did amplify the sound a LOT - we were quite pleased.  That aside, the volume would dip periodically to its normal top volume and then gradually (thankfully) return - and that I do attribute to the volume booster program.

I understand what you mean though (I think) about the Atmos audio setup and how it could conflict with the output when its not actually present.

I was just thinking maybe some program could amplify the sound my computer puts out, regardless of what systems are used to understand the streaming input.  I mean, if you can use a small app to capture the sound sent the speakers, then surely you could programmatically amplify the sound being sent to them.

Have you tried turning on Loudness Equalisation for the output device?


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