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GridMove discussion.

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Yes, thanks.

I'm trying to do a 4 up - 4 down grid (the nearest to that is axcrucis_grid), I looked the tutorial and tried to write some lines with no luck..

The grid is not working but I didn't understand some things:
1) Truly difference between triggers and grids: some grids uses both, some others only triggers. It confuses me (I tried both configurations);
2) How to manage grids that aren't on the borders or that are up/down or between other grids;
3) How the grids numeration are placed by default and how to change (how to know where the second grid and so on, will be);
4) If it is possible to define where is a grid - with subtraction/sum of the others (just a curiosity);
5) If I can use MonitorReal1 as I did (I always hid taskbar).
6) Some grids - with its groups - respect the real grid numbers, some other doesn't.

Forgive me for post such mess code  :-[

Pretty logically, sometimes you can't resize (since vista) from the side you have the taskbar unless you disable aerosnap/aeroshake.


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