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GridMove discussion.

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However, you can disable this feature in the menu, under 'safe mode'. Be careful though.. If you disable it, GridMove will be able to resize any window (including some which shouldn't be moved!).
-jgpaiva (August 09, 2009, 05:47 PM)
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Hi jgpaiva,

thank you for the answer, this works for me.  :Thmbsup:


gridmove co-existing with win7's window management. very nice JG :) thanks again for your efforts.

(i know this isn't news but i just found out for the first time through actually doing myself)

"Upgrade your workflow and gain mastery over windows with GridMove [Windows]"

From today:

"GridMove is awesome."

 :D :D
Thanks for the heads-up!

I'm new, hi to everyone  :D

I'm using gridmove (I love move windows everywhere lol), it's a great software but I've a little trouble with it (I think as I don't know how to configure it well): when I open a new window, I can move it with the configured grid but then, I can't move to grid the opened windows anymore. Any idea? :)  I'm on windows 7 x64

Edit: How I thought. It was my fault XD
Setting "Edge Time" to 250 and "Title Size" to 500 and now works perfectly  ;D


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